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This FREE comprehensive eBook will highlight the most common conversion rate problems seen on eCommerce websites, and how to fix them.
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How to maximize your website's convertibility by optimizing your checkout pages, simplifying navigability, and staying committed to the user experience.
The 5 Key Takeaways:
  • Keep the experience consistent. Constant changes confuse customers. Regularity is key, from branding to page load times. 
  • Make the website navigation easy. Don't bury your products. Learn how to take advantage of search functions and hierarchies.
  • Renew trust in taking action. Increase your brand's credibility by building trust. Find out how to build up reviews and ratings. 
  • Remove all distractions from your site. From promo codes to resource links, you'll learn where to place these... and where not to.
  • Remove all friction in checkout. Don't let your shoppers lose sight of their goal. We'll walk you through some common checkout page mishaps. 
"This book really gave me a new perspective on our web design. Everyone should read this before planning a new shopping cart or website." 
~ Angela B - Handicapped Pets
About The Author

Peter Dulay

has written for several publications including for Marketing Profs,,, and Native Advertising Institute.
 He is an expert in digital advertising, conversion rate optimization, and UX/UI planning. Peter's writing specialties include eCommerce, digital advertising, entrepreneurship, and (generally speaking) how to be a happier person. Peter has created and ran several companies, the longest-standing being his digital marketing agency, Conversion Giant. When he's not helping advertisers dominate their ad space, he's often found hanging out with his wife and two daughters, perhaps cooking or in the backyard gardening. 
  • From 2015 to 2016, our number of buyers (conversions)...grew 60%! I attribute much of this growth to [Conversion Giant].
    Lee Harper
  • [Conversion Giant] is small enough that you get great customer service and big enough... that you can still make changes.
    Joy Chamberlain
  • Conversion Giant's outstanding team of professionals proactively manage our account.  They communicate... the steps they are taking to increase sales while lowering costs.
    John Watson
  • Conversion Giant has taken us from throwing money in a hole and hoping new customers would result into actionable data while cutting our CPC by half of what it used to be!
    Christian Watts
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